GEM Green Energy Management - 4th Edition

Program code

Program Duration
12 Days

August 28th - September 10th 2017


600 € (covers all lectures; course materials, accomodation in Astana and Zerenda) meals costs (to be paid separately) 180 €

GEM - Green Energy Management 

4th Edition 


The aim of GEM (Green Energy Management) Summer School is to provide international students with a context sensitive first-class training in the field of Green Energy Management and renewable resources. GEM 2017 will be hosted by Eurasian National University in Astana (Kazakhstan) during the World EXPO 2017 “Future Energy”.

An introductory broad overview of the world green energy scenario will be followed by specific experiences in Spain, Portugal and in the Central Asia area. Renewable energy production as well as water management and recycling in agriculture will be discussed in the context of circular economy. Elements of Energy Finance will be given. A whole important section of GEM will be devoted to Central Asia issues in energy production and renewables.

Leading scientists from Europe and Central Asia and industrial and institutional partners will be part of the teaching staff, bringing and sharing their experience. A visit to EXPO 2017 “Future energy” will be organized, as well as a visit to local research laboratories. GEM 2017 will allow students and teachers to gather and share common experience, bringing together Europe and Central Asia for a common future.

Contents covered

The world green energy scenario; Biogas/biomethane generation for a circular economy; Renewable resources: the Spain experience; Hydrogen Energy in transportation in Portugal; Modeling wind and sun for renewable production; Photovoltaic energy; Hydroelectricity production; Recycling in Agriculture; Water management; Energy finance; The electricity markets; Financial products for climate change Evaluating energy projects; Energy management in a fragile environment; Experience from a private consulting company in the energy sector.

Program Coordinator

Prof. Silvana Stefani

Scientific committee

  • Silvana Stefani – University of Milano-Bicocca
  • Maurizio Acciarri – University of Milano-Bicocca
  • Carlo Lucheroni - University of Camerino
  • Tiziano Vargiolu - University of Padova
  • Meruyert Narenova - University of International Business, Almaty, Kazakhstan
  • Giulio Casati - Alessandro Volta Foundation, Como


Astana (Kazakhstan)

Application Deadline

May, 1st 2017


BA Degree

Requested documents to be uploaded in the application form:

CV, ID card or passport.

For further information, contact:

University of Camerino Università di Padova Dipartimento Matematica LG  4TH EDITION GEM: Green Energy Management

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