DAFF Design, Art, Food and Fashiion


Program code

Program Duration
2 modules of 12 days each. Students can apply to single module or to both.

15 JUL - 9 AUG 2019


Each module includes all courses avtivities, visits, lectures, housing and meals.

DAFF Design, Art, Food and Fashion



DAFF is an interdisciplinary program about innovative approaches which integrate creativity with the principles of sustainability, with the aim to combine the preservation of the cultural and natural capital of communities with the economic competitiveness of territories in the global market.

The program consists of lectures, hands-on experiences and field trips. It is mainly based in Milan metropolitan area but specific activities - designed also in collaboration with other entities located in other urban/rural areas in Italy – will take place also out of Milan and in other regions of Italy. Milan is known as the capital of Fashion and Design, a place where creativity and industrial development met and made the city famous worldwide but interestingly enough the city, located in middle of the fertile Pianura Padana, is also the second agricultural municipality in Italy and a leader in the agri-food industry.

The Milan Charter, which was signed during EXPO2015, set out the principles and objectives for World challenges in terms of healthy lifestyles and safe food production, environmental sustainability and social justice. Milan is certainly a complex and dynamic city, since decades cradle of avant-garde movements and considered the industrial, economic and financial engine of the country. Nowadays, it is strongly committed to developing pathways of sustainable urban and rural development in collaboration with research institutions, local organizations and citizens.

Indeed, in the last decades, the city has gone through dramatic changes which have been driven also by relevant regeneration processes encompassing entire areas and production activities.

The program is articulated into two main module (each of two weeks) that will provide an extraordinary opportunity for students to have a direct experience of the complexity of the actors at play and the implications and challenges for territories and communities of contemporary societies.

Contents Covered

Main topics of lectures, visits and hands-on experiences

  • Made in Italy Business Model
  • Technology and sustainability and the future of production
  • Smart territories
  • Heritage as a catalyst for urban/rural regeneration
  • Governing urban and rural transformations
  • Capacity building and participatory approaches for community-led regeneration
  • Art in Landscape and Landscape Architecture
  • Food Culture, Tourism and Multifunctionality in Agriculture
  • Territories, circular economy and integrated productive chains

Beside the lectures the full program includes

  • Visit to Vicenza industrial and manufacturing district
  • Visit to the Silk and textile manufacturing in Como
  • Visits to museums, galleries and cultural events
  • Fieldwork and explorations in urban/rural regenerated areas
  • Workshop and fieltrips on Art-based urban interventions, Rural Design, Visual Mapping etc. in collaboration with “the Art City” (Città dell’Arte) in Biella (TO), “Third Landscape” and “Ru-de.ri” Rural Design for territorial regeneration associations.
  • Workshop on zero waste cooking and wine and food degustations

Program Coordinators

  • Anzoise Valentina


Milan and other locations in north Italy;

Accomodation info

Accommodation along with most of travel and living expences are included in the tuition fee. Specific info will be shared to selected students at the moment of enrollment.

Application Deadline

7 May 2019


BA Degree

Requested documents to be uploaded in the application form

CV, ID card or passport.

Target Audience

We welcome students from different disciplines: sociology, anthropology, geography, urban planning, urban design, and architecture, as well as practitioners and policy-makers. We shall be glad to consider any other background deemed for the program as reflected from the CV of the students.

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 THE FORMS OF URBAN ATTRACTIVENESS: Milan & Barcelona: a comparative perspective of two attractive cities 

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