CHINESE WORLDS - International Summer School at Chongqing University

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Program Duration
14 days

September 9th-23th, 2018


900,00 €
includes accomodation and some of the meals at Chongqing University, course materials and activities. It doesn't include flight costs

CHINESE WORLDS - International Summer School at Chongqing University


China enshrines different “Worlds”. It is one of the most important economies in the world and faces the challenges of the future with strength and competitiveness without fearing changes. Nevertheless, China maintains its precious traditions and draws energy and inspiration from its millennial culture. With 56 ethnic groups and some of the world’s oldest philosophy, China is yet to be discovered and has a lot to offer to international students looking forward to a rewarding experience.

During the two-week program of the Summer school, students will approach some peculiar aspects of the Chinese culture and learn to look at this multi-faceted country without prejudice or stereotyped images of its population. Placed between the Tibet plateau and the Pacific Ocean, the populous city of Chongqing, crossed by the rivers Yangzi e Jialing, is highly representative of the changes of the country, since China’s “New Deal” has been investing in intense processes of development during the last three decades.

This edition too will try to approach crucial issues such as economic development and the urbanization processes without forgetting themes that will delight students with the magic of this ancient country. The unsuspected relationship between Chinese food and its landscape or martial arts and peaceful attitude will be revealed.

Chinese worlds summer school will change your vision of life and open your mind to different landscapes.


  • Food in Chinese culture;
  • Calligraphy as an art;
  • A developing economy? GDP and left-behind growing;
  • Roots of Traditional Medicine;
  • Overview of contemporary Chinese literature;
  • Explaining guanxi;
  • Tàijíquán and other practices: origins, functions, and meanings;
  • Chinese skylines: urban planning for innovative architectural solutions;
  • About Taoism and Confucianism in contemporary China;
  • Discourses on media and communication: from Dazibao to Sina Weibo;


All activities of the Summer School are in English;

Target Audience

The Summer School is aimed for international students, who desire discover China

Course Director

Patrizia Farina Unviersity of MIlano Bicocca


Chognqing (CHIAN)

Requested Documents to be uploaded in the application form

CV and Passport/ID card/ Motivation Letter

Deadline to apply

The deadline to apply for the summer school program "Chinese Worlds" has been extended to 18h July 2018

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