Venice Intensive graduate activities

VIU will offer a wide range of Intensive Graduate Activities in 2024.

Students and scholars from the member universities are encouraged to explore the programs on offer in 2024, and apply early to guarantee their place. The programs are the outcome of intense collaboration among the universities and have been developed based on the mandate of the member universities through the VIU Academic Council. There are three types of intensive graduate activity at VIU.

VIU International PhD Academy

Interdisciplinary intensive programs on major societal challenges, with a parallel training program in transversal skills to prepare advanced PhDs for research careers in academia or in the private sector.

VIU Graduate Seminars

Thematic intensive seminars, on a focused topic approached from a multidisciplinary perspective. The aim is to support early-career PhDs who are beginning their research and to facilitate interdepartmental cooperation.

Significant cooperation among departments in the member universities is expected.

VIU Summer/Spring Schools

VIU supports the development of VIU Summer Schools, which are intensive taught programs that are offered each year. They are addressed to students of varying levels; check each program brochure. The Schools are also open to applicants outside of the VIU membership.

To know more about programs, deadlines, application procedure, please visit the web-site

VIU Intensive Graduate Activities 2024

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