GSS - Grant Starter School

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Program Duration
4 days

30 Nov - 3 Dec 2021


€ 70 in presence. Includes all course activities, teaching material, lunches, coffee breaks and visits. Travel and other living expenses are not included in the tuition fee.

€ 20 - online participation only. Includes courses activities and teaching material

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GSS - Grant Starter School


Writing a proposal for research funding is a very specific skill. The “Starting a Grant proposal” School of the University of Milano-Bicocca offers the opportunity to Ph.D. students and early-stage researchers to explore how to write a proposal that stands out among the others.

Four days to work up on your writing and on project applications with colleagues from different backgrounds and disciplines. The Winter School will be divided into sets of lessons and activities following a hands-on approach on project writing. Activities and lectures will cover all the steps necessary to convey a successful grant proposal, from conceptualization to writing.

The interdisciplinary spirit of the School is aimed at enhancing cooperation among researchers from different fields of research: a tremendous opportunity to create a network of researchers, share knowledge and widen each other's perspective on how to approach grant writing. Bicocca Starting Grants projects are funded by the University of Milano-Bicocca and by bringing together researchers from seven different Departments proves that interdisciplinarity works!

The course is offered in dual mode, and all contents and activities will be available simultaneously online (webex) and face-to-face.



Covid-19 restrictions

All the activities will be held in accordance with the Covid-19 pandemic containment measures and requirements in force on the Italian territory. Updated provisions regarding the social distancing and use of the mask may still be in place. Green Pass is required for participation in the course and will be asked during your staying in the Univeristy. Do not forget to carry with you valid documentations. Non-EU participants must have health insurance for the entire duration of the course. Please specifically ask for an insurance that includes covid risks to be fully covered. All foreign students must inquire about any restrictions on access to Italy. You can consult the following link

Course Topics

  • Introduction to Proposal Development
  • Proposal writing: a hands-on approach
  • → Work programmes, calls and topics;

    → The scary ones: budgets, deadlines, submission processes;

    → First steps of proposal preparation: identifying the right call, call analysis, proposal abstract, background research, gantt chart, consortium building.
  • Proposal Innovation and Impact
  • Responsible Research and Innovation tools
  • Communicate your reserach: dos and don’ts
  • ERC: success stories
  • Interdisciplinarity as a value: Bicocca Starting Grants case-studies


The school has 30 live + 30 online available places on a first come first served basis. PhD students and early career researchers are elegible to attend the course. People from different research fields are welcome. Gender balance will be taken into account.

Organizing Committee of the University of Milano-Bicocca

  • Carlotta Lega, PhD, Psychology Department
  • Antonia Bruno, PhD, Biotechnology and Biosciences Department
  • Paola Alberti, MD, PhD, School of Medicine and Surgery
  • Emanuele Rezoagli, MD, PhD, School of Medicine and Surgery
  • Laura Vacchi, Psy.D, PhD, School of Medicine and Surgery
  • Davide Maggioni, PhD, Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences
  • Alex Prince, PhD, Department of Physics
  • Alessio Malacrida, PhD, School of Medicine and Surgery
  • Sara Giunti, PhD, Department of Economics, Management and Statistics
  • Elena Lucchese, MS, PhD, School of Economics, Management and Statistics
  • Simone Fontana, PhD, Department of Informatics, Systems and Communication

Requested documents to be uploaded in the application form:

CV, ID card or passport.

With the contribution of

I.B.R.O. International Brain Research Organization

For further information, contact:

GSS Grant Starter School

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